Wija Balia RS

Brown mare – 22th March 2003 – 1.64m – stb prok prest – jumps 1.20m – SOLD

Germus R x Ebalia ster pref prest (v. Pantheon xx) x Ebalia ster pref (v. Farn)

Link to full pedigree (Horsetelex)

Balia Damline


nakomelingen van Wija:

Caia Balia RS (v. Wender R) jumps 1.35m in the UK.

Caia Balia RS 2014

Dublin RS (v. Berlin) jumps 1.40m in the BRD.

Dublin RS 2016

Geron RS (v. Vigo D’Arsouilles) jumps 1.30m in Ireland.

Geron RS 2017

Haia Balia RS (v. Lansdowne) jumps really well before getting injured in the field as a 2,5y old.

Haia Balia RS 2015

Installera Balia RS (v. Emerald) passed the KWPN EPTM test in 2016 and jumps at 1.25m level now.


wija 2009-10b

wija 2010-6a

wija 2010-6b